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Dr. Genoa K. Vartell

"Loved, heard, seen.

That is how I felt from the first moment I began working with Andrea.

I felt safe like I could always be myself, and of course, that is when transformation happens. 

I highly recommend working with this women of light."

Brittany Good

"Andrea is a beautiful soul, and if you are in her presence of beaming light, you are lucky. Her gift to spread love and help others in their spiritual journey is truly a superpower of hers. She has helped me understand my spiritual calling in a whole new way, and within the hard questions I brought forward during our sessions, I have felt a deeper understanding of my inner self and purpose. Witnessing how in touch she is with her higher self through the power and purity of her intuition is something that allows me to fully trust the journey with her. I’ve felt so much growth from each session with Andrea, and she makes me feel safe and heard. I highly recommend connecting with her!"

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