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Are you living In


Fear is an emotional attack on your soul.

It prevents peace, ease, calm, flow, health, wealth and abundance to flow to you.

Can you relate?

Constant Anxiety

Avoidance Behaviors

Physical Symptoms 

Impact on Physical Relationships

Negative Self Talk

Dependence on Control

Imagine in 8 weeks to remove these fears from ever being present in your life?

Imagine a life filled with what you desire.



An 8 week immersive course.

When you say YES, as an investment in you, this is what you shall receive.

  • Diagnosis and steps to overcome your fears. Where did this fear come from?

  • Connection with inner self.

  • Uncover and discover the essence of you and your divine path.

  • 2 1:1 with Andrea (potentially 3)

  • Weekly calls in small groups to support you.

  • Lifetime access.

   Your Investment is      


      Because this is in BETA testing the investment is


   Payment plans are offered.

    In return I ask for feedback as well as a testimonial.

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About Andrea

Growing up with my family was....well a huge big mess up on so many levels.

Emotionally and physical assaults happened on a daily basis.

Fear was part of my existence. Every day!!

This went on for decades and into my life and marriage for 20 years.

Shocking isn't it!

Lack of self worth and a whole list of shit that well...was pretty toxic!

Underneath all that I knew, greatness was there..but dormant.

Some how I had the courage to say No and I've had enough.

There were defining moments.

1. When I knew my marriage was incredibly toxic. It all happened due to a piano performance preparation.

It hit me hard and that was it! And Done done done was the word.

2. Surrounding myself with people who helped me grow and create an incredibly successful music teaching business.

Wow! Success sure felt amazing considering all the failure in my life.

3. Self uncovering and knowing my higher purpose.

Today I've been promoted to Your Fairy Godmother.

I am a spiritual connection and coach, on earth, to remove fears so that you can make space for the good you desire.

I'm a best selling author, creator of stuff.

The things that give me joy are:

Guests around my dinner table, great music, and incredible conversations that enlighten and inspire.

I also love the trees!!

“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”

– Nelson Mandela

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