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Compassionate Detachment :)

At the core of all us beings on earth, is love!

We so desire for peace, ease, and flow of all our heart's desires but sometimes things get in the way. It's like a clogged toilet! Not a whole lot of flow and a whole lot of shit!

A.K.A. Things that don't serve us.

One of the most beautiful states of being is compassion.

What does compassion feel like?

It's a feeling of energy from the heart.

When you replace negative energy with positive energy you are becoming a conduit of all your heart's desires.

There is also another side of compassion.

It's compassionate detachment.

This allows you to make space for what you want but know that you are not responsible for their journey.

That means you carry a feeling inside of compassion but don't take on their ability to grow.

It's really a blessing :) Sometimes hard and I mean really hard. But it is a blessing.

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