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On our life journey :)

We have a beautiful clean slate filled with unlimited potential when we are born.

Then life and our circumstances come in and either fill our lives with unconditional love, acceptance, and a beautiful garden to allow us to grow and prosper.

Sometimes we are given other circumstances. Some of them are harsh, abusive, and at times very very dark.

We then grow up with a tainted sense of self. We begin to believe dark stories about who we truly are. Pain, worry, doubt, depression, and anxiety get bottled up in our bodies. We become lost and feel a sense of "who am I really?" "Who is my authentic self?"

We then become in some ways a soul who does not feel worthy, deserving, and lost.

Pain then settles in and it becomes your new 'normal'. You take your drug, whatever it happens to be, to manage the pain. But that's only temporary. It just keeps on coming back.

Because the core of the problem remains in your body. OUCH!!

You are deserving of a happy, healthy, and vibrant life, but you have to make space.

Celebrate you and all of your challenges as you grow because GROW we must.

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